1. Our Professional Fees are as follows:
      a. Rental/Lease of Residential and / or Commercial property: One Months Rent or Monthly              compensation or license fees whichever is applicable.
        b. Sale or Purchase of Residential or Commercial property: 2% of the total sale / purchase price of  the property.

2. Mode of Payment: Our fees are to be paid by way of Cheque or Draft drawn on High street Realty. The payments are to be made within seven days of the finalization of the deals. or on the day of registration if Sales / purchase is applicable or in rentals at the time of agreement. We do not accept part payments.

3. Please do not negotiate on Brokerage / Service Charges / Commission. Its better if any problems in payment to discuss before actual deal or seeing the premises or finalization, We are open for negotiations.

4. Once a property has been shown to a client by us or any of our authorized representatives and has been finalized, our professional fees are to be paid irrespective of, whether the finalization of the property has been done through any orther broker, agencies, persons direct, indirect or direct discussions with the owner or any third party negotiations.

5. If the property shown my us is already seen by yourself through any other broker, agencies, persons direct or indirect, please inform us before entering the flat / real estate / property / the building, after site visit your claim of seeing the sit earlier will be invalid, if that is the case clause no 4 is applicable.

6. All negotiations and procedures between the two concerned parties would be carried out in the presence of our representative, unless mutually agreed upon.

7. All legal expenses pertaining to the deal shall be borne by the clients. The fees will be separated as applicable apart from Brokerage / Service Charges / Commission.


         High Street Realty offers Commercial and Retail Leasing services on behalf of property owners and Portfolio clients. Rent a shop, retail or commercial space through High Street Realty.
To put it simply, Retail leasing is what we do, and all that we do!
We want to add value to your business and deliver tangible benefits once we have been engaged in a partnership with you, we work with you to bring you all the benefits of using an agency,
Our Approach:

       Given the importance of finding the right property / Retail Spaces for your organization , our approach is consultative whereby we foster close ties with the client throughout the search process, from our initial meeting to acquisition by providing a perfect fitment keeping in mind the mandates speed and quality factors.

       Our concurrent database contains information on an extensive number of quality properties Combined with our consultant’s extensive personal contacts; this resource gives us the ability to find the highest quality property at the speed you require

         We at High Street Realty pride ourselves in understanding quickly responding to the leasing needs of our Retail clients by assisting them in identifying the best available options, areas best suited for their Retail Stores, Show Rooms, Hyper Markets, Multiplex, Food Court Specialty Restaurants, Anchor & Villa Brands to their business requirements, at earliest possible & guide them the right from selection of Retail spaces at High Street 7 Shopping Mall properties across India retail properties to final acquisition keeping your requirement in mind

         Leasing Retail Space & Shopping Mall properties across India, Retail Brands for their Retail Show Rooms,

Hyper Markets, Multiplex, Food Court Specialty Restaurants, Anchor & Vanilla Brands etc. Croma Siemens Mobile store Star Bucks Costa Café Coffee Day Lavazza Barista Moshe`s Domino`s Pizza Hut KFC MacDonald Adidas Forever WHP Jumbo

      A Dedication to Customer (Client) Service that is exceptional in today’s distant world. Our commitment is to foster a relationship where the client is not just an account, but a person that we treat with respect, appreciation and friendliness that is not often seen in current business. We love our client!

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