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Substance abuse or in simple words you can say drug abuse and addiction is a complex condition, which impacts the individual medically as well as socially. The effects of addiction are not confined to the person who is consuming drugs, it also affects their surroundings and families. Earlier, people didn’t know how to treat any type of addiction may it be related to drugs or any other behavior, but with the development in science and technology and various research, now the medical professionals help the addict in getting rid of their addiction regardless of the stage of addiction. Drug addiction is a chronic relapsing disease, but Substance abuse treatment in Mumbai provides the utmost care and right medical attention.

Hands For You Trust is a renowned Rehabilitation Centre in the city where the staff promises to provide treatment for various Substance Use Disorders such as; Alcohol addiction, Drug Addiction, and Behavioral Addiction. Some examples of behavioral addiction include Gambling, Sex addiction, Internet addiction, Mobile addiction, and last but not least Gaming Addiction. We are famous for all types of substance-induced disorders and chronic mental illnesses such as; Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, and a lot more.

We are known as one of the Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation centres in Mumbai, because we have created a serene environment for every patient, and always make sure that the patient is getting better with our approach. We offer various psychological therapies; which are useful for keeping the patient mentally healthy. As the Best Drugs de Addiction Center in Mumbai, we have come up with a 12-step program, that helps patients in developing a positive outlook toward their life. This program is useful in building the right attitude for everything, and it includes, counseling, group therapies, drama, yoga, meditation art and music therapies. Some other reasons why you must choose our Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai are mentioned in the pointers below:

    • Active, Supportive, Empathetic, and Understanding Staff
    • Effective & suitable treatment facilities for all types of drug addictions
    • Program includes various therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Mindfulness activity, Group Therapy Sessions, Group Counselling Sessions, Individual Counselling Sessions for more focus, Family Counselling to make the family members understand addiction, Yoga for physical and Meditation for mental health.
    • High Success Rate
    • Client centric rehab
    • Family counseling is available, which helps to bridge the gap between a drug addict and family members
    • Long-Term Recovery through a customized Relapse Prevention Plan
    • Post Discharge Treatment Plan is also available

As the Best rehabilitation center in Mumbai, we offer medical attention, which is offered by specialist Doctors, Psychiatrist, Licensed Addiction Therapist, Psychologist, and Psychotherapist who visit daily to the center and take group sessions as well as one to one sessions as per the overall condition of the addict. We believe that with the right guidance and counseling on all aspects, one can choose the path of sobriety.

We at the Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai believe in making the recovery journey easier, that is the reason why our qualified staff uses globally approved evidence-based therapies to overall come all the complications related to addiction. At our Drugs de Addiction Center in Mumbai, we take feedback from our recovering patients and their respective families to see the progress of the treatment we offer.

Our Drugs Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai has a LIVE WEBCAM facility, with the help of which the patients can stay connected to their loved ones, and doesn’t feel lonely during the process of rehabilitation.

The Rehabilitation center is like a Home Away from Home!

We are also famous as the Best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, as we have years of experience and knowledge in treating alcohol addiction cases. As the top provider of alcohol de-addiction programs, we focus on all the areas, which are affected by alcohol abuse. Some of them are mentioned below:

      • Learning
      • Judgment
      • Decision-Making
      • Stress
      • Memory
      • Behavior
      • Thought Process
      • Social Life

Our Alcohol addiction treatment in Mumbai is designed under the supervision of experts, which is the reason why we have become the first preference of alcohol addicts as well as their families. If you or anyone you might know wants to enroll in the Best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, then you don’t have to worry about anything at all, because we are the destination for you. It is an assurance that you will see positive changes as well as improvement in your physical and mental health with the help of our Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai or you can say the top-notched Alcohol de-addiction Center in Mumbai.

“We lead the way to road of recovery”

To know more about us write to us on: info@handsforyou.in

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