Hands for you trust was started by Mr Rakesh  who himself went through an alcohol and smoking addiction problem. After being in denial for several years and providing false promises to his family, the family finally realized that he needs help and they turned to rehab centers for that. After battling several issues and spending time at rehabilitation center, Rakesh got cured and has abstained from any of the vices and remains free of alcohol and smoking. During his experience he realized that an addict is always in denial and would never agree to treatment of any kind due to that. He felt that there’s a lot of people like him that need help and that this initiative needs to be spread to the wider society.

It’s through his efforts and collaboration with doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists, volunteers that the center finally took shape in the beginning of 2014. His goal was to provide a comfortable and the best center so people feel at home away from home. After all it’s a problem that needs attention, love, care and not torture. Hands for you trust is a premium residential Air conditioned Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation/De-Addiction Center in Mumbai today making people feel at home away from home. You can view your loved ones through a live webcam facility.

Rakesh has been actively involved in educating others about the effects of alcohol, smoking and takes great interests in helping others break free from the addiction problems.

We believe that a little help can go a long way for an addict.

If you are concerned about the drug or alcohol use of a friend or family member, there is no reason to wait until their problem gets worse. Give us a call now at +91-8879461790 or write to us here