Hands for you trust was started by Mr. Rakesh who himself went through an alcohol and smoking addiction problem. After being in denial for several years and providing false promises to his family, the family finally realized that he needs help and they turned to rehab centers for that during his experience he realized that an addict is always in denial and would never agree to treatment of any kind due to that. He felt that there are a lot of people like him that need help and that this initiative needs to be spread to the wider society. Today Rakesh is enjoying sober & clean life from past 4 years.



Profession: Merchant Navy (Mechanical Engineer), Mumbai
He is a certified counselor with 34 years of experience in sobriety & 11 years in counseling.

Worked: NARC / Garden De-addiction Center,
Founder of Orlem Alcoholic Anonymous Group.


DR.Sri Snnigdha (Psychiatrist)

Miss .Sri Snnigdha is a licensed clinical psychologist. She completed her Masters and M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from IHBAS, New Delhi. Presently she is pursuing her PhD in the area of substance dependence. She has worked with individuals having various mental disorders like anxiety, depression, OCD, psychosomatic illnesses, psychotic disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. She has experience in conducting IQ assessments, psychological testing and therapy for children, adolescents, adults and parent training programmes.


Rahul Kharade (Rehab In charge)

Worked : New hope trust.

Rahul is clean from 4 years and with us . He is into counseling also from last 3 years. He has experience 4 rehabs in his life, knows exactly how dangerous is this disease of addiction and very well understands importance of sobriety.


DR. Chetali.B (Psychiatrist)

She is MBBS, MD in Psychiatry, Affiliated to of BARC. Specialist in Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist.


Kiren Babo pawar (Counselor)

He is in counseling from 17 years, Doing programme from 20 years. He one of the best counselor for practical understanding of program. His motto for recovery is Analyze, Channelize and Utilize.


Staff / Team: Sunny.C, Samson.C, Umesh.D, Huzefa.H.


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